Educating and informing

We aim to provide customers access to regular webinars through both live sessions and recordings, and online seminars on a range of topics. Despite our efforts this year being hampered by the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions, we welcomed:

  • 999 people to 131 webinars (3140 people and 131 webinars in 2019–20).
  • 254 people to 10 online seminars (1080 people and 45 seminars in 2019–20).

Audiences also continued to turn to our educational videos to find information and guidance about the taxes we administer, with 102,930 page views (a 7.2% increase from 95,997 in 2019–20) and more than 44,000 views of our targeted coronavirus tax relief videos.

Our education team also manages numerous decision tools on our website related to coronavirus relief, HomeBuilder eligibility, land tax, buying and owning property, payroll tax, the commercial passenger vehicle service levy, and the growth areas infrastructure contribution. The most popular tool continued to be that which helps people assess their eligibility for the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG).