Index of Statistics

About us

  • Revenue
    • Total revenue collected
    • Performance against forecast
    • Revenue by percentage
    • Net land tax revenue
    • Net payroll tax revenue
    • Revenue from and number of absentee owners  
    • Revenue from foreign purchaser additional duty and number of foreign purchaser property transactions 
  • Our people
    • Staff retention, health and safety, career development
    • Diversity and inclusion achievements
    • Total employees - full-time equivalent and headcount
    • Origins of new staff
    • Internal job opportunities
    • Lost time injuries and WorkCover premiums

Targeted relief and support

  • Amount of coronavirus tax and fee relief administered, including:
    • Land tax relief
    • Payroll tax relief
    • New jobs tax credit
    • Stamp duty relief
    • Congestion levy relief
    • Commercial passenger vehicle services levy
  • Homebuilder grant applications
  • Bushfire relief:
    • land tax relief
    • stamp duty relief
    • payroll tax relief.

Delivering for Victorians

  • First Home Owner Grant (FHOG)
  • Top FHOG postcodes 
  • First home owner stamp duty savings
  • Pensioner exemptions and concessions
  • Principal place of residence concessions

Unclaimed Money

  • Claims paid
  • Amount returned to rightful owners

Working for our customers

  • Website users
  • Email subscribers
  • Webinar attendees
  • Phone calls and emails received
  • Private rulings

Financial Statements

  • Operating statement and notes
  • Balance sheet and notes
  • Administered items (revenues and expenses) and notes 


  • Analysis of debt and notes
  • Summary of written off debt
  • Monthly average debt-to-revenue ratio two-year comparison

Objections and Appeals

  • Number and type of objections
  • Number of appeals and percentage upholding Commissioner's original decision

Freedom of Information

  • FOI requests received and determined

Public Interest Disclosures

  • Public Interest Disclosures

Charter of Human Rights

  • Statements of Compatibility, litigation and complaints with respect to Charter rights