Our people

Developing a committed, talented and dedicated workforce is key to our continued ability to deliver outstanding revenue management services for the Victorian community.

Through our People and Culture Strategy 2020–23, we encourage excellence by investing in our highly capable staff so we can respond effectively and efficiently in a fast-changing world.

In acknowledgement of our dedicated approach, this year we were recognised with the Leading Employer Award at the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) Victoria’s 2020 Leadership in the Public Sector Awards. 

Our standing as a leading government employer is reflected in our performance across key benchmarks:

  • Staff retention: We consistently maintain an engaged and high-performing workforce through strategies including supporting performance and progression, staff development and comprehensive health and wellbeing initiatives. In 2020–21, we maintained a low voluntary turnover rate of 4.9% (compared with 13% across the Victorian Public Service). More than 44.6% of our workforce remains employed with us for 10 or more years.
  • Career development: In 2020–21 we provided significant professional development programs and introduced a new online learning platform, allowing staff to complete an average 26.12 learning hours in important areas of mental health and wellbeing, cybersecurity and remote working IT connectivity.
  • Health and safety: Our workplace safety benchmarks align with the Victorian Government’s Leading the Way measures. Our number of claims per 100 staff was 0.3 (against a target of 3.0). Our WorkCover premium rate is 0.3220% (44.38% better than our industry’s average).

Diversity and inclusion

We can measure our diversity and inclusion achievements through our participation in surveys such as the People Matter Survey (2020) and through our current human resource data. Our achievements include:

  • According to current payroll data, 52% of our workforce are women and 48% are men.
  • 43% of our Executive team reporting to the Commissioner are women and 57% are men.
  • 50% of our branch managers are women and 50% are men.
  • 40% of our Grade 6 specialists are women and 60% are men.
  • 50% of our team leaders are women and 50% are men.
  • 59% of our Grade 5 specialists are women and 41% are men.
  • 18% of our staff were born overseas.
  • 5% of our staff identify as having a disability.
  • 4% of our staff identify as LGBTQI+.
  • 20% of our staff identify as being over the age of 55.
  • 0.3% of our staff identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

These numbers will progressively become more indicative of our workforce as staff develop a greater awareness in diversity and inclusion and become more comfortable completing surveys.

Spotlight on people

In 2020–21, we employed 681 (650 full-time equivalent) people. 




650 full-time equivalent staff in 2020-21
4.9% staff turnover rate in 2020-21
278 internal job opportunities in 2020-21
638 full-time equivalent staff in 2019-20
4.2% staff turnover rate in 2019-20
382 internal job opportunities in 2019-20